Need to build your quantitative research skills, but biostatistics is just not your jam?

Biostatistics is the foundation of quantitative research. Dr. Joyee makes it fun so you can conquer biostats with ease!

You want to be a public health researcher, but biostatistics is overwhelming? You thought you could handle it, but it's just too much, too hard, and too fast? Do you feel like you are failing the one course standing in the way of getting your degree? Our on-demand intro to quantitative research skill building course will help you overcome the intimidation, build your quantitative research skills, and conquer stats with ease! We give you the support to grow your confidence in biostats and advance your quantitative skills as a public health researcher.
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What to expect!

Dr. Joyee makes Biostats easy as 1, 2, 3!

  • Fun and Innovative Approach

    We take biostats to a new level with fun and innovative approaches that makes concepts relatable, helping you to overcome intimidation and frustration.

  • On-Demand Access

    We give you immediate access to all our videos so you can get tutoring at a time that is convenient for you! Didn't catch a concept? Just rewind and hit play as many times as you need!

  • Foundation for Research

    We start from the beginning giving you the basic building blocks of statistics. This helps you to understand quantitative research in public health with a solid foundation for your career.

This course is for you if....

Just hearing the word "biostatistics" makes you cringe. Your biostatistics course has you feeling intimidated and frustrated. Dr. Joyee can make biostatistics fun and easy!

  • You struggle with understanding math related concepts in public health.

  • You want to build your skills in quantitative research and biostatistics with SPSS.

  • You have little to no experience with quantitative research and biostatistics.

  • You are overwhelmed by your biostatistics class and coursework.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • A message from the instructor

    • How to use this course

    • Dr. Joyee's Bonus Tips to Ace Biostats!

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    Chapter #1: Measurement Basics

    • Key Terms

    • Data Tables

    • Data Quality (Reliability vs Validity)

  • 3

    Chapter #2: Types of Studies

    • Sampling

    • Bias and Probability Samples

    • Comparative studies

    • Experimentation and Ethics

    • Explanatory and Response Variables

  • 4

    Chapter #3: All About Frequency

    • Stemplots

    • Stemplot shapes

    • Location and spread

    • Frequency table

  • 5

    Chapter #4: Summary Statistics

    • Mean, Median, & Mode

    • Spread & Variability

    • Standard Deviation

    • Standard Deviation Notes

  • 6

    Chapter #5: Probability

    • Probability Basics pt 1A

    • Probability Basics pt 1B

    • Discrete Random Variables

    • Mean and Variance

    • Area under the curve

    • Continuous random variable

    • More Probability Rules

  • 7

    Chapter #6: Binomial Probability

    • Binomial Random Variable

    • Notation

    • Binomial coefficient

    • Calculate Binomial Probability

    • Cumulative Probability

    • Expected value and variance

  • 8

    Chapter #7: Normal Probability

    • Normal distributions

    • Mean and standard deviation

    • 68 95 99 Rule

    • Z scores pt A

    • Z scores pt B

    • Z scores pt C

  • 9

    Chapter #8: Statistical Inference

    • Statistical Inference: The Basics

    • Sampling Distribution 2A

    • Sampling Distribution pt 2B

    • Normal Approximate Binomial

  • 10

    Chapter #9: Hypothesis Testing

    • Review

    • Hypothesis Testing Basics

    • Test Statistic

    • P-value

    • Significance

    • One sample z-test

    • Power and sample size

  • 11

    Chapter #10: Confidence Intervals

    • Confidence Intervals: The Basics

    • Confidence Interval: The Formula

    • Confidence Interval: Sample Size

  • 12

    Chapter #11A: Inferences, Data, & Means

    • t-tests pt A

    • t-test pt B

    • t-test pt C

    • One sample t-test

    • Confidence Intervals

    • Paired Samples

  • 13

    Chapter #11B: SPSS Tutorials

    • SPSS: The Tour

    • SPSS: Loading Data & Descriptive Statistics

    • SPSS: Frequency Table

    • SPSS: One sample t-test

    • SPSS: Paired Samples

  • 14

    Chapter #12: Comparing Independent Means

    • Sample Types

    • Descriptives Statistics in SPSS

    • Standard Error of the Mean Difference

    • Independent t-test SPSS

  • 15

    Chapter #13: One-Way ANOVA

    • Introduction to ANOVA



    • ANOVA in SPSS

    • ANOVA & equal variance

    • ANOVA & unequal variance

  • 16

    Chapter #14: Correlation & Regression

    • Introduction to correlation

    • Correlation & Pearson's R

    • Correlation in SPSS

    • Introduction to regression

    • Regression example

    • Regression in SPSS

  • 17

    Chapter #15: Multiple Regression

    • Introduction to Multiple Regression

    • Multiple Regression Example

    • Multiple Regression in SPSS

  • 18

    Chapter #16: Proportions

    • Proportion, Incidence, & Prevalence: The Main Ideas

  • 19

    Chapter #17: Risk Difference & Risk Ratio

    • Comparing 2 proportions

    • Risk Difference

    • Risk Ratio

  • 20

    Chapter 18: Cross tabs & Chi-square

    • Cross tabs & types of samples

    • Prevalence and Relative Risk

    • Introduction to Chi-square

  • 21

    Next steps

    • Before you go...

Tired of feeling frustrated with learning biostats?

Dr. Joyee is here to help! Let's get started!

Are you ready build your public health career, but biostatistics is confusing? Biostatistics can be a beast! It's intimidating and math just makes you cringe. With our on-demand intro to quantitative research skill building course we take you from intimidated to confident so you can ease through biostats and build your public health research career!

What are students saying about our course?

"It's relatable and understanding"

Stacy J

I just wanted to thank you for your amazing class. Math is definitely not my strong suit but you made it relatable and understanding. I no doubt would not have made the grade I did if it wasn’t for you…Your teaching is impeccable and much needed to math indviduals such as myself.

"The concepts came so easily to me"

Hannah R.

I looked forward to your interactive lectures and I found myself celebrating when I was able to get the answers correct on my own…I was pleasantly surprised when the concepts came so easily to me. I really loved the way you broke things down. Thank you for making this such a great experience.

"This is the best math class I've ever had"

Natalia K.

You are an amazing teacher! It made me want to work even harder even harder and I don’t even like math…This is the best math class I’ve ever had. I was so fearful going into this [stats] class. I appreciate the professor you are so much! Thank you again and continue to be awesome!

Dr. Joyee can help you conquer biostats and graduate.

Your public health career is waiting, don't let biostats get in the way. Dr. Joyee can help you lose the intimidation, build your confidence, and graduate on time!